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Previous Legislative Archive

’18-’19 Legislation


SEN-1-19 Laurel-Hall Related

SEN-2-19 A Bill to Recommend the Renaming of Melrose Ave or Melrose Place

SEN-3-19 A Bill to Adhere to the No-Smoking Policy

SEN-4-19 A Bill to get E-scooters on Campus

SEN-5-19 A Bill to Institute a Public Relations Law and Ethics Class

SEN-7-19 NCED – No Class on Election Day

SEN-8-19 A Bill to Provide Dog Bags on Campus

SEN-9-19 A Bill to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Lower Dr.


SEN-02-18 A Bill for Remove All Foam and Straws (RAFAS)

SEN-03-18 A Bill for $15 to $5

SEN-5-18 A Bill to Decrease Time for Previous Notice for Legislation

SEN-7-18 A Bill for Medical Amnesty Door Signs

SEN-9-18 Swipe Out Hunger Bill

SEN-10-18 A Bill to Increase Expediency of Executive Decisions

SEN-12-18 A Bill to Recommend the Addition of Crosswalks to Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place

SEN-13-18 First Year Legislation Bill

SEN-14-18 An Additional Call for UT Administrative Action in Support of the UT FUTURE Program Receiving Services from SDS

SEN-15-18 A Bill Supporting the Creation of an Honors College at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

SEN-16-18 A Bill for Safe Zone Training

SEN-17-18 An Act to Create an Intercollegiate Affairs Committee

SEN-18-18 A Bill to Increase Electoral Integrity

SEN-18-18 A Bill to Request an Interfaith Space at UTK

SEN-19-18 A Bill to Request a Review of the University of Tennessee’s Title IX Resources and Programs

SEN-21-18 A Bill to Create A Vision Care Center at the Student Health Center

SEN-22-18 The Rock Reforms Bill

SEN-23-2018 A Bill to Establish a LGBTQIA+ Living and Learning Community

SEN-24-18 Initiative to Re-Examine the Functions of the Student Counseling Center

SEN-25-18 UT Board of Trustees

SEN-26-18 A Bill to Reduce the Cost of Lockout Key Service Charge

SEN-6-19 A Bill to Provide the Pride Center a Permanent Opportunity to Speak at Orientation

Did Not Pass

SEN-01-18 A Bill for VRA Adoption Bill SGA

SEN-04-18 A Bill for A Bill to Urge the Board of Trustees to Reconsider the UT Systems Presidential Nomination

SEN-6-18 A Bill To Request the Appointment of the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

SEN-8-18 A Bill to Allow Undergraduate Students 24 hour Access to the UTK Law Library

SEN-11-2018 A Bill to Request a Review of the University of Tennessee’s Title IX Resources and Programs

SEN-20-18 A Bill for Safe Zone Training

SEN-27-18 A Bill to Amend the Student Government Association Constitution to Mandate Weekly Senate Meetings

SEN-28-18 A Bill to Institute a Public Relations Law and Ethics Class

’17-’18 Legislation

Voting Records

Fall 2017 Senate Voting Records


SEN-09-18 A Bill for the Establishment of a Senate Pollster 

SEN-11-18 A Bill for Voter Registration at Orientation 

SEN 12-18 A Bill for Flagship University Debate


SEN-10-18 A Bill for Keep Smokers Safe Act

SEN-13-18 A Bill Regarding an Upcoming Event Hosted by a Hate Group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

SEN-08-18 A Bill for SDS Services for University of Tennessee, Knoxville Students of the FUTURE Program 

SEN-07-18 A Bill for American Sign Language Interpreting Services for the Student Government Association Senate Sessions 

SEN-06-18 Smokey’s Pantry Addition to Syllabus

SEN-05-18 A Bill to Add T Bus Routing Information

’16-’17 Attendance and Voting Records

Senate Records 2016-2017

’16-’17 Legislation

RES 09-16 gender and sexuality resolution

SEN-01-17- Equal Opportunity Textbook Act

SEN-02-17- A bill to amend the SGA Constitution to clarify the Presidential veto capacity

SEN-04-17 A Bill Addressing the Issues Related to the Football Student Ticket Process

SEN-05-17 A Bill to Reform Senatorial Ethics

SEN-06-17 Feminine Hygiene Bill

SEN-09-17 A bill to reaffirm the student senate’s opposition to Governor Haslam’s outsourcing plan

SEN-12-17 A Bill Regarding Safety for Cyclist and Pedestrians on Pedestrian Walkway

SEN-14-17 A bill to extend the operation hours of HSS and the Student Union during Exam Week (Updated)

SEN-16-17 Act to Improve Accessibility in Beuler Hall

SEN-17-17 Resolution Supporting Syllabi Access for Students

SEN-18-17 Course Descriptions- The Bill

Fall 2015 Voting and Attendance Records

September 22, 2015

October 6, 2015

October 20, 2015

Fall 2015 Minutes

August 26, 2015

September 8, 2015

September 22, 2015

October 6, 2015

October 20, 2015

November 3, 2015


March 2016

Resolution 08-16: A Resolution on Sexual Assault

Resolution 09-16: A resolution calling for increased academic resources regarding gender and sexuality

Bill 11-16: Bill to Extend the Drop without a W deadline in the Spring Semester

Bill 12-16: A Bill to Recommend the Adoption of Student Senate Bylaw Revision

Bill 13-16: Tobacco & Smoke Free Tennessee

Bill 17-16: A Bill to Allow Nominations from Senators for the Senate Executive Committee 

Bill 18-16: A Bill for Advising Packets 

Bill 19-16: Reserve Officer Training Corps Commuter Parking Concerns

Bill 20-16: A Bill to Recommend the Adoption of The Proposed Alcohol Policy Changes by the SGA Alcohol Policy Review Committee

Bill 23-16: A Bill for Non-Commuter Parking Lot Assignment

Bill 24-16: A bill to amend the SGA Constitution to clarify the rules regarding the Judicial Branch

Bill 25-16: A Bill to Improve Campus Lighting