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The Student Government Association exists to provide the student body with a means to deal with the affairs of students and as a forum for the expression of student views concerning student life within the university.


The Student Government Association comprises students pursuing the betterment of this institution so that all members of the university community are beneficiaries of the opportunities and advantages available in an environment conducive to growth.

In an effort to create such an institution, SGA presents our vision for the University of Tennessee…


That UT seeks the recruitment of students, faculty, and staff who will be academic assets to this institution.


That UT provide a climate conducive to the attainment of personal academic goals and an environment offering both challenge and motivation for the individual.


That this university seek the recruitment of students, faculty, and staff who will be assets to this institution.

Student Life

That UT work to improve the quality of student life, including residence halls, health care, dining, recreation, and transportation. That the university seeks to understand and meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Social Involvement

That UT continue to be an instrument of social change by providing opportunities for students to be active citizens of the world community and by extending the vast resources of this institution for community use.

Values and Beliefs

That UT accept all values and beliefs, welcoming a diversity of opinions and perspectives. In so doing, that students are empowered to formulate their own beliefs and values while respecting those of others.

Campus Safety

That the university make the personal safety of students, faculty, and staff a priority, seeking to free UT activities from the threats of crime and injury.

University Service

That the University of Tennessee strive to meet the needs of students and parents through prompt, polite, and excellent service.

Respect and Fairness

That UT show all students and employees respect and fairness, making this a humane place to live, work, and grow.


That UT create an environment in which inequality and injustice cannot exist. That UT students, faculty, and staff receive equal treatment on all levels.


That UT provide a climate where a diversity of individuals can share knowledge and experiences for the benefit of education.


That UT provide an accurate historical record of the traditions and realities of this university’s past in order to step into the future with an understanding of its rich heritage and a commitment to positive change.