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SEN-09-18 Bill for the Establishment of a Senate Pollster


TITLE: Bill for the Establishment of a Senate Pollster

SPONSOR: Grant Peterson, Haslam College of Business Senator (

Rob Tank, East Campus Senator (

DATE: 6 February 2018

Whereas, Student Senators strive to create legislation solely based on the concerns of the student body,

Whereas, the physical and regular presence of the Student Government Association would improve institutional awareness with the student body,

Whereas, it is self-evident that students of the University of Tennessee are apathetic towards Student Government Association due to perceived neglect of student concerns,

Be it hereby resolved, that Article II, Section 1 be changed to, “The membership of the Senate Executive Committee shall consist of the President of the Senate, the Senate Chair, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian, and the Sergeant-at-Arms, two lobbyists, and the Senate Pollster to be appointed from the body of the Senate by the President of the Senate.

Be it further resolved, that in Article II, within Section 1, after sub clause F, that the following be added:

G. The Senate Pollster shall have the duty and responsibility

i. To be appointed by the President of the Senate and approved by the Senate at the second regular session of the Student Senate following the elections.

ii. To conduct and analyze surveys, which will be administered at least biweekly in a regularly scheduled public location, forum, or thoroughfare.

iii. To present survey results during the biweekly Senate Sessions, yielding time to question regarding presented data.

iv. To consider, utilize and revise survey questions submitted by any operative, agent, or senator within the Student Government Association.