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SEN-9-19 A Bill to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Lower Dr.

BILL#: SEN-9-19


TITLE: A Bill to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Lower Dr.


SPONSOR(S): Scott Malone, College of Engineering Senator


DATE: 02-11-2019


Whereas, Lower Drive is used by students for access to the John D. Tickle Engineering Building, Perkins Hall, and Ferris Hall, and


Whereas, only half of Lower Drive currently has sidewalk availability for pedestrians, and


Whereas, Lower Drive is also used by pedestrians during football season and bicyclists, and


Whereas, due to the recent addition of a gate on Middle Drive, a majority of vehicle traffic on the engineering campus uses Lower Drive to access Cumberland Ave. by use of Estabrook Road, and (1)


Whereas, The University of Tennessee is in the process of building the Engineering Services Facility on the past location of Estabrook and Pasqua Halls, and (2)


Whereas, the university needs to accommodate for the current and future students, visitors, bicyclists, and vehicle usage by adding sidewalks to the portions of Lower Drive where sidewalks are currently not present, and


Be it hereby resolved, that The University of Tennessee pursue the addition of sidewalks on Lower Drive, and


Be it hereby resolved, that the university allocate appropriate funds to facilities services in order to pursue this project.