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SEN-25-18 UT Board of Trustees

BILL#: SEN-25-18

TITLE: UT Board of Trustees

SPONSOR(S): Owen Flomberg, East Area Senator [],

Nikki Hernandez, Arts and Sciences Senator [],

Mateos Hayes, Arts and Sciences Senator, [],

Hannah Nelsen, West Area Senator [],

Austin Smith, Nursing Senator [],

Rohit Srivastava , Arts and Sciences Senator, []

Sophia Rhoades, Arts and Sciences Senator, []


DATE: November 20, 2018

Whereas, Randy Boyd was confirmed as Interim President during a hearing which took place on September 25th, 2018,


Whereas, the UT Board of Trustees notified students of the confirmation hearings on September 18th, seven days prior to the meeting date,


Whereas, the UT Board of Trustees required that students apply no later than September 20th, five days prior to the date of the meeting to speak before the board,


Whereas, this allowed students only a two day window during which students could apply to voice concerns at the hearing,


Whereas, the University Board of Trustees is meant to be accountable to stakeholders, which includes students,


Whereas, students’ accessibility to the Board of Trustees is vital to facilitating a culture of shared governance between student, faculty, board members, and legislators,


Whereas, the UT Board of Trustees website indicates a general window of 5 days for students to apply to appear before the board,


Be it hereby resolved, that the UT Board of Trustees increase the application window from two to five days, as outlined on the UT Board of Trustees website, thus requiring students to apply no later than 2 days prior to meeting date, so as to allow students ample time to apply to speak before the committee.