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SEN-26-18 A Bill to Reduce the Cost of Lockout Key Service Charge

3BILL #: SEN-26-18

TITLE: A Bill to Reduce the Cost of Lockout Key Service Charge


Eli Pearson, West Area Senator (

Owen Flomberg, East Area Senator (

Hannah Nelsen, West Area Senator  (

Rohit Srivastava, College of Arts and Sciences Senator (

Whereas, the residents of University of Tennessee residence halls must use keys or ID cards to enter their rooms,

Whereas, residents must use a lockout key that is checked out from the front desk if they or their roommate lock the door while their key remains in their room,

Whereas, the current University Housing policy allows four checkouts for lockout keys with no charge each year [1],

Whereas, each subsequent use of a lockout key after the first four initial checkouts results in a charge of $25 to the resident’s student account [1],

Whereas, some residents face financial hardships where it is difficult to pay $25 for an instance when they need to enter their room,

Be it hereby resolved, that University Housing reduces the cost of fifth and subsequent uses of lockout keys from $25 to $5.