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SEN-20-18 A Bill for Safe Zone Training

BILL#: SEN-20-18


TITLE: A Bill for Safe Zone Training




Jazmin Garrett, East Area Senator (

Maria Urias, Off-campus Senator (

Mustafa Salameh, Arts and Science Senator (

Austin Smith, Nursing Senator (

Hannah Nelsen, West Area Senator (

Rohit Srivastava, Arts and Sciences (

Logan Craft, At-Large Senator (

Cody Ramangkoun, At-Large Senator (

Tré Patten, Off-campus Senator (

Jake Tidwell, Off-Campus Senator (

Alayna Cameron, Off-Campus Senator (

Kara Ware, Off-Campus Senator (

Nikki Hernandez, Arts and Sciences Senator (

Hannah Blackwell, Off-campus Senator (

Mackenzie Hobbs, Off-Campus Senator (

Molly Vermillion, At-Large Senator (


DATE: 6 November 2018


Whereas Monday October 22, 2018, the federal Department of Health and Human Services made claims about not considering a person’s gender identity as legitimate and only recognizing their sex assigned at birth,


Whereas the University of Tennessee was recently ranked the third most unfriendly campus for LGBTQ+ students and ranked first most unfriendly public institution in the same category by the Princeton Review,


Whereas the Pride Center is not funded by the university and now no longer has discretionary funding from the Chancellor,


Whereas the Student Government Association works on behalf of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville student body,


Whereas residential assistants are one of the most prominent student leaders for students living on campus and embody the values of inclusivity within campus housing,


Whereas the Undergraduate Student Senate seeks to connect with their constituents and must complete requirements to retain their seats that involve being connected to the community and become educated about their constituents,


Whereas the Pride Center offers a free professional development program that provides the language needed to understand issues involving the LGBTQ+ community called Safe Zone training,


Whereas the LGBTQ+ community at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville needs support and educated representatives,


Be it hereby resolved, that the members Undergraduate Student Senate and the executive branch of the Student Government Association before,UT administrators, and University Residential Assistants must complete Safe Zone training within the first semester of holding that position and that Safe Zone training may count as a constituency hour to all SGA officials that must complete hours to hold a position.