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SEN-19-2018A Bill to Request an Review of the University of Tennessee’s Title IX Resources and Programs

BILL#: SEN-19-2018


TITLE: A Bill to Request an Review of the University of Tennessee’s

Title IX Resources and Programs




Hannah Nelsen, West Area Senator []

Owen Flomberg, East Area Senator []

Sophia Rhoades, College of Arts and Sciences Senator []

Rohit Srivastava, College of Arts and Sciences Senator []

Davis Crocker, Haslam College of Business Senator []

Hannah Blackwell, Off Campus Senator []

Lindsey Gardner, College of Arts and Sciences Senator []


DATE: 23 October 2018


Whereas, on June 15, 2017, the Report of the Special Independent Commission on Title IX Resources and Programs was released publicly, detailing recommendations made to the University to improve their Title IX compliance. [1]


Whereas, in August 2017, the university created the Office of Title IX to “provide a comprehensive community approach to the institution’s Title IX responsibility”. [2]


Whereas, since the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, the University of Tennessee’s Clery Act compliance authorities, UT Public Safety, and the Office of Title IX have reported that seven rapes have occurred in residence halls on campus, and six since March 2018. [3] [4]


Whereas, the number of sexual misconduct reports has increased significantly since 2011, with almost 200 reports recorded by the Office of Title IX in 2017. [5]


Whereas, former University of Tennessee Chancellor Beverly Davenport reversed the suspension of a student found guilty of rape by Student Conduct Community Standards and allowed the student to return to classes to graduate. [6]


Whereas, in regards to the original Title IX Commission Report, former UT President Joe DiPietro has stated “One incident of sexual misconduct is one too many, and our shared commitment at UT is to doing everything within our power to create awareness of, prevent, respond to and provide support around issues related to sexual assault and sexual misconduct.” [7]


Let it be it hereby resolved, that the University of Tennessee Interim System President Randy Boyd appoint a new special commission to evaluate if the original commission’s suggestions have been fully implemented, and whether or not the University of Tennessee has continued to improve its efforts to adequately combat sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual misconduct.



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  4. Message from Ashley Blamey, University of Tennessee Title IX Coordinator, November 8th, 2018
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