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SEN-09-17: A bill to reaffirm the student senate’s opposition to Governor Haslam’s outsourcing plan

BILL#: SEN-09-17


TITLE:  A bill to reaffirm the student senate’s opposition to Governor Haslam’s                outsourcing plan


SPONSOR(S): Don Black, Parliamentarian (

Kalina Blazanovic, Arts & Sciences Senator (

Hayley Brundige, At-Large Senator (

Will Gabelman, Arts & Sciences Senator (

Sawyer Smith, Off Campus Senator (


DATE: January 24th, 2017


Whereas, Governor Bill Haslam’s administration is planning to outsource the facilities  management of virtually all state-owned facilities, approximately two-thirds of which are state colleges and universities including the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and

Whereas, Governor Haslam’s outsourcing plan will put all facilities workers’ jobs and benefits at risk, and

Whereas, UT Knoxville has previously outsourced custodial services, ultimately deciding to bring the services back in-house in 2012 at the recommendation of a task force looking at the practices of Top 25 Universities, and

Whereas, in 2012, Dave Irvin, associate vice chancellor of facilities services, said that bringing services back in-house would lead to “increased service, better cleaning, and more responsiveness to the needs of the university” and “better wages, benefits, and continuing education opportunities” for employees, and

Whereas, our University’s facilities services currently operates efficiently and effectively, having operated previously significantly under budget, and

Whereas, outsourcing our facilities services could result in the elimination of campus services such as the Office for Recycling, Sustainability, turf management at Neyland Stadium, master planning, the STAR (Special Team to Assist Research) Group, and more, and

Whereas, Governor Haslam has pursued this plan with a considerable lack of transparency despite intense opposition by campus workers, students, faculty, legislators, and other concerned Tennesseans, and

Whereas, the UT Knoxville will have the opportunity to opt out of the outsourcing plan this semester,

Be it hereby resolved, the Student Senate strongly opposes Governor Haslam’s plan to outsource the management of facilities at UT Knoxville.

Be it hereby resolved, the Student Senate strongly recommends UT Knoxville administrators to opt out of the governor’s outsourcing plan.

Be it hereby resolved, the Student Senate requests incoming Chancellor Beverly Davenport attend an open forum hosted by the Student Government Association on the topic of outsourcing, prior to the opting in or out decision being made, in order to directly hear the concerns of students, campus workers, faculty, and other members of the campus community.

Voting Record

Senator SEN-09-17
Alayna Cameron Aye
Alex Swisher Aye
Ayanna Crenshaw Aye
Bailey Giacomini Aye
Beverly Banks Aye
Dallas McCash Aye
Dalton Teel Aye
Danielle Kowalkowski Aye
Don Black Aye
Doug Kievit Aye
Drew Farlett Aye
Dylan Scott Aye
Elizabeth Hamilton Aye
Emily Dickey Aye
Grant Lisle N/A
Grant Peterson N/A
Gus White N/A
Haley Paige Aye
Hayley Brundige N/A
Hope Woodard Aye
Hunter Harrison Nay
Isi Beach Aye
Jack Larimer Aye
James Lytle Nay
Joe Chirico Aye
Kalina Blazanovic Aye
Kamilya Gosmanova Aye
Kat Spight Aye
Kendra Phillips Aye
Kiersten Marsh Aye
Leigh Belmont Aye
Logan Notestine Aye
Madison Starnes Aye
Maria Amalla Aye
Mary McBride Aye
Matthew Lyons Aye
Matthew Meyers Aye
Megha Patel Aye
Michael Curtis Aye
Mohammed Alhejaili Aye
Molly McCullough Aye
Mustafa Ali-Smith Aye
Nate Hogan Aye
Nick Lauerman N/A
Omar Mitoubsi No Vote
Phillip Newsom Aye
Rachel Park Aye
Rachel Woods Aye
Ruba Alblowi Aye
Sam Deford Aye
Sam England N/A
Sawyer Smith N/A
Sean Fishkind Aye
Shelby Roberts Aye
Stephen Brennan Aye
Thomas Cortez Aye
Thomas Tran Aye
Trevor Bass N/A
Will Gabelman Aye