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Change We Hear You UT Promise

Hello, Vols! We are the Change campaign for the 2020-2021 academic school year. Our candidates, Karmen Jones, Raj Patel, Emma Kate Hall, and Cody Ramangkoun are committed to serving and representing all Volunteers. We are dedicated to our three core pillars: Compassion, Collaboration, and Community. Why? Because as a team and as individuals, we believe what affects one Vol affects us all. From advocating for policies like allowing students to use dining dollars in Neyland, rewarding students with Dean’s List Discount Cards to local restaurants, becoming a campus committed to zero waste, or allocating our SGA budget to diversity and inclusion initiatives; our administration will not stop working to bring the Change that you want to see. On April 15-17, we want you to vote for Change. 

We are We Hear You UT! An SGA campaign with Nikki Hernandez, Sophia Rhoades, Gustavo Morrice and Molly Mays that is comprised of students across campus from a multitude of student organizations and various backgrounds. We are a group of everyday students, running to represent everyday students.  We acknowledge the problems and exclusivity shown, and we truly hear you. We want to see an SGA that strives to truly represent students’ needs and voices. We want to see an SGA that is a voice for the students, not to the students. We want to see an SGA that hears you. Every year the costs that we pay for books and services increases. We never know the true availability of resources or how we can access them. We are passionate about creating an SGA that stands with five platforms: Unity, Accessibility, Sustainability, Efficiency, and Affordability. We are We Hear You UT!

Hi Vols, we are the Promise Campaign! Our campaign consists of some of the best leaders on campus, and we have tremendous ideas for the future of this university. During our time in office, we are going to work tirelessly to make UT a place where everyone feels empowered by SGA.  We will be working to make UT a Wet Campus and in accordance with state law where all students 21+ can drink on campus. Additionally, we will change UT’s amnesty policy from Individual Amnesty to Organizational Amnesty to allow Vols to better help Vols. Lastly, we will create SGA news. A way for us in SGA to better communicate with you and your organizations and give you a platform to interact with all students on campus. Vote for a campaign that you can hold accountable for the promises they are making to you. VOTE PROMISE!
IG & Twitter: @changeutk

Facebook: Change UTK

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Facebook: We Hear You UT

IG & Twitter: @votepromise2020

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