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Proclamation for Chancellor Davenport

Proclamation for Chancellor Davenport

Whereas, it is the honor of the Student Government Association to recognize and commend efforts that contribute to a better University of Tennessee; and

Whereas, Chancellor Beverly Davenport, the eighth chancellor of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is advancing positive, impactful change for our campus community; and

Whereas, Chancellor Davenport is committed to creating an environment that makes all people feel welcome and respected at this university; and

Whereas, Chancellor Davenport is dedicated to and working toward launching tomorrow’s leaders, enhancing the student experience, and increasing student success; and

Whereas, the great compassion demonstrated by Chancellor Davenport has impacted the lives of current students and will continue to benefit students for years to come; and

Whereas, we salute Chancellor Davenport, who truly exemplifies the Volunteer spirit and has a passion for altruism;

Now, therefore, be it hereby resolved that the Student Government Association issues this proclamation in honor and celebration of Chancellor Beverly Davenport on the occasion of her investiture, October 13, 2017.