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Current Legislation

Bill# Title Primary Sponsor Constituency Decision
SEN-07-20 A Resolution to Officially Oppose Campus Carry Laws in Tennessee Carly Broady At-Large Passed
SEN-06-20 A Bill to Support Neverfull Waffles Nikki Hernandez Off-Campus Tabled
SEN-05-20 A Bill to Create an OER Designation for Classes in Banner Nick Mucci Off-Campus Passed
SEN-04-20 A Bill to Institute a Noise Ordinance for Construction on Campus Nick Mucci Off-Campus Passed
SEN-03-20 A Bill to Amend the Constitution to Elect Executive Treasurer Nick Mucci Off-Campus Passed
SEN-02-20 Traffic Light by Neyland Emma Boyle Off-Campus Passed
SEN-01-20 POD Price Protections Bill Eli Pearson West Area Passed
SEN-22-19 Remove Panda Express Styrofoam Boxes Simon Jolly Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-21-19 A Bill to Urge the Faculty and Staff of the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling to Help Facilitate and Advise Peer Counseling on Campus Sophia Rhoades Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-20-19 Health Center Website Recommendation Bill Nikki Hernandez Off-Campus Passed
SEN-19-19 A Bill to Add a SOFE Requirement Scott Malone II Tickle Tabled
SEN-18-19 Amendment to Article IV of the Student Senate Bylaws Emma Boyle Off-Campus Passed
SEN-17-19 Health Center Hiring Bill Nikki Hernandez Off-Campus Passed
SEN-16-19 Assisting the T-RECS in Processing and Organizing their Studio Spaces Requests Sophia Rhoades Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-15-19 A Bill to Further Decrease Time for Previous Notice for Legislation Owen Flomberg Off-Campus Passed
SEN-14-19 Invasive Plant Species on Campus Paityn Webb Herbert Passed
SEN-13-19 Ensuring UT Concessions and Aramark Concessions uphold Food and Health Safety Sophia Rhoades Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-12-19 Bill to Mandate Inclusion of Title IX Resources in Syllabi Mary Ciochetty Haslam Passed
SEN-11-19 A Bill to Create a Taskforce to Review the Student Housing Budget Emma Boyle Off-Campus Passed
SEN-10-19 Flex Plan Bill Nikki Hernandez Off-Campus Tabled
SEN-9-19 Inclusion of Zero Waste Commitment in Vol Vision Strategic Plan Simon Jolly Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-8-19 Military Service Abroad as Fulfillment of Connections Expectations David Plante

Owen Flomberg



SEN-7-19 A Bill to Re-Examine the VolShop’s BuyBack Process for Textbooks Sophia Rhoades Arts & Sciences Passed
SEN-6-19 A Bill to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Melrose Place and Lake Ave. Scott Malone II Tickle Passed
SEN-5-19 Syllabus Policy Bill Nikki Hernandez Off-Campus Passed
SEN-4-19 Surveys for Dropped Classes Emma Boyle Off-Campus Passed
SEN-3-19 Mid-Semester Course Evaluations Emma Boyle Off-Campus Passed
SEN-2-19 A Bill to Create an Election Packet Task Force Scott Malone Tickle Passed
SEN-1-19 Excused Absence for a Mental Health Day Bill Sophia Rhoades Arts & Sciences Passed