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Current Legislative Archive

’18-’19 Legislation


SEN-01-18 A Bill for VRA Adoption Bill SGA

SEN-8-18 A Bill to Allow Undergraduate Students 24 hour Access to the UTK Law Library

SEN-10-18 A Bill to Increase Expediency of Executive Decisions

SEN-13-18 First Year Legislation Bill

SEN-14-18 An Additional Call for UT Administrative Action in Support of the UT FUTURE Program Receiving Services from SDS

SEN-15-18 A Bill Supporting the Creation of an Honors College at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

SEN-16-18 A Bill for Safe Zone Training

SEN-17-18 An Act to Create an Intercollegiate Affairs Committee

SEN-18-18 A Bill to Increase Electoral Integrity

SEN-18-18 A Bill to Request an Interfaith Space at UTK



SEN-02-18 A Bill for Remove All Foam and Straws (RAFAS)

SEN-03-18 A Bill for $15 to $5

SEN-7-18 A Bill for Medical Amnesty Door Signs

SEN-9-18 Swipe Out Hunger Bill

SEN-12-18 A Bill to Recommend the Addition of Crosswalks to Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place


Did Not Pass

SEN-04-18 A Bill for A Bill to Urge the Board of Trustees to Reconsider the UT Systems Presidential Nomination

SEN-6-18 A Bill To Request the Appointment of the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

SEN-11-2018 A Bill to Request a Review of the University of Tennessee’s Title IX Resources and Programs


’17-’18 Legislation

Voting Records

Fall 2017 Senate Voting Records


SEN-09-18 A Bill for the Establishment of a Senate Pollster 

SEN-11-18 A Bill for Voter Registration at Orientation 

SEN 12-18 A Bill for Flagship University Debate


SEN-10-18 A Bill for Keep Smokers Safe Act

SEN-13-18 A Bill Regarding an Upcoming Event Hosted by a Hate Group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

SEN-08-18 A Bill for SDS Services for University of Tennessee, Knoxville Students of the FUTURE Program 

SEN-07-18 A Bill for American Sign Language Interpreting Services for the Student Government Association Senate Sessions 

SEN-06-18 Smokey’s Pantry Addition to Syllabus

SEN-05-18 A Bill to Add T Bus Routing Information