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Meet Your First-Year Council


Call on Your Council – Spring Semester, Date TBD

During the middle of each spring semester, the 44 men & women of Freshmen Council will be throughout campus speaking with their fellow freshmen constituents and actively seeking to increase transparency for Freshmen Council. Members who organize this week are given a crash course in event-planning, as they learn how to get donations from local businesses, how to handle the logistics of a multi-location event, and how to lead an exceptional team of their peers.  This week is one of the most hectic, engaging, and (most importantly) fun weeks that FreshCo members will experience during their first year at UT.



Dog Eat Dawg Week – Fall Semester, Date TBD

The first event that Freshmen Council plans and orchestrates is Dog Eat Dawg Week during the Football Season in the fall. The week is full of traditions and school pride, and includes many events that seek to engage the student body in preparation for a SEC Football Game. These events are organized with the help from the Traditions Student Services Committee.


“Freshmen 44” – Fall Finals, Date TBD

Right before finals week, the 44 members of Freshmen Council put together an event to help their freshman class prepare for the exams they have ahead of them. These events are also philanthropic and historically have donated money to Children’s Hospitals around the area.


Orange & White Week – Spring Semester, Date TBD

In collaboration with Student Services, Freshmen Council brings some of the school pride Tennesseans feel during Football Season to the spring. This week is full of events that remind students of campus traditions and of the spirit of UT Football in preparation for the Orange & White Game.

 Love Your Libraries 5KSpring Semester, Date TBD

In collaboration with Graduate Student Senate, Freshmen Council organizes and works a 5K Race during the spring semester to raise money for Hodges Library. This money raised is invested directly in books and technology that students are able to utilize during their time at UT.

Other EventsSpring & Fall Semesters, Dates TBD

Freshmen Council also participates in many events ran by other organizations during the year. These include (but are not limited to) Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Diversity Week, etc. Participation in these events are voted on by Freshmen Council each year.


Social Events – Reoccurring, Dates TBD

Throughout the year, Freshmen Council holds many social events & retreats for their members and for their freshman class. Past events included holiday parties, weekend retreats, camping, spring break trips, etc. These are organized by each FreshCo and usually differ every year.–>