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SEN-02-18 A Bill for Remove All Foam and Straws (RAFAS) Initiative


TITLE: A Bill for Remove All Foam and Straws (RAFAS) Initiative



Owen Flomberg, East Area Senator [​​

Whereas, UT was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the number one Green Power Purchaser among colleges and universities in the nation in 2017. [1] [2]

Whereas, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville continues to strives to be a top twenty-five university in all aspect of its education and functionings.

Whereas, other comparable universities like Auburn and North Carolina State have banned styrofoam from their campus dining facilities. [3] [4]

Whereas, the University of Portland and Knox College are the only universities in the US that have banned straws. [5]

Whereas, many cities and municipalities across the country have banned and are in the process of phasing out the use of plastic straws. [6]

Whereas, large food and beverage companies with locations on campus like Starbucks are phasing out plastic straw usage nationally. [7]

Whereas, banning straws can have negative consequences for persons with disabilities who need to use the instrument. [8]

Be it hereby resolved, that Vol Dining no longer make available and ban the usage of styrofoam and plastic straws in all of its dining facilities and national brand locations.

Be it hereby resolved, that straws be made available by request for persons with disabilities or other reasons for needing to use straws upon request.

Be it hereby resolved, that the Student Government Association form a taskforce of representatives from organizations like Environment and Sustainability Committee of the Student Services Branch of SGA, UT Recycling, UT Dining, and Aramark to create a plan by the end of the Fall 2018 semester to begin to phase out styrofoam and plastic straws as soon as possible.