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Alumni spotlight: Meghan Morgan


Meghan Morgan

Former SGA Vice President

Meghan Morgan is a prominent alumna of the University of Tennessee, as well as Student Government Association. She is currently an Associate General Counsel at Pilot Travel Centers LLC. Prior to taking this role, she practiced law for twelve years in Knoxville, most recently with the law firm of Baker Donelson. She has two sons, James (2.5) and Zachary (17 months). She has remained active with UT since leaving, serving as President of the Knoxville Chapter of the UTK Alumni Association and completing four years on the UTK Alumni Board of Directors.


Meghan became active in SGA her Sophomore year as a member of our Undergraduate Academic Counsel and then later on the Government Affairs committee and Student Senator. Then, the spring of her Junior year, she was elected to be SGA Vice President. In that role, she was the President of the Senate and also served as the Freshman Council Advisor, as well as served on various campus committees.

When asked what she gained and enjoyed from her time in SGA, Meghan says, “I loved so much about my time in SGA. I loved the close friendships I made, the teamwork, and the leadership skills I was able to develop. I particularly liked being the advisor to Freshman Council. The freshmen that I worked with motivated and inspired me. They ‘rocked my face off’–they would understand!”

When then asked what her favorite SGA memory is, Meghan says, “Choosing my favorite SGA memory is a difficult task. I think one of my favorite memories will always be the day Bradford Bricken and I left office. I was so proud of everyone that participated in SGA and was able to reflect on what a formative part of my college experience it was.”

Meghan continues by saying that the most rewarding part of being in SGA was “helping to be a part of something bigger than any one person.”

In talking about how campus is the same and different from when she attended, Meghan states, “This campus has changed so much since I attended, and I am SOOO proud to be an Alumni of this University. If I could change one thing, it would probably be the negative press the University gets. UT is a place of inclusion and a place for opening minds and hearts and preparing future leaders for the world. As Chancellor Davenport has stated, diversity and inclusion are not going away. There are so many amazing things on campus, and I hate that what makes the news are often stories that divert attention from that.”

Lastly, Meghan says on her time in SGA, “SGA gave me a lot of confidence. It gave me the ability to network, to listen and synthesize information. It provided me with the opportunity to learn time management and prioritization. I credit SGA for honing many of my leadership skills.”