Senate Application

First Name
Last Name
GPA (If you are a freshman, please write your final high school GPA.)
School Housing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Constituency Applying to Represent
*Please remember you can only apply to constituencies in which you directly represent. For example, if you live in Humes Hall, the only residential seat you could apply for would be Humes Hall. Likewise, if you are majoring in something in the College of Business Administration that is the only academic seat you could apply for. Most students represent two constituencies. E-mail if you have any questions. If you want to be involved in Senate, but you are ineligible to apply for any of the seats, please fill out this form.
Brief Response Please answer the following questions in 150 Characters or less.
Why do you want to be a part of the Student Government Association, specifically Student Senate?
The Student Government Association is making a push to become more well-known on campus. How will you help our effort?
How do you perceive the Student Government Association?
Please answer each of the following by selecting yes or no:
I will be able to attend bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00.
I am eligible to represent this constituency.
I am aware that I am only permitted to miss three unexcused meetings per year. I understand that if I miss more that, I will be dismissed from Student Senate.
I am aware that if I am unable to attend a Senate meeting, I must send a proxy even if the reason is excused. I also understand that the person who is coming in my place must properly represent my constituency.
I am aware that I must notify the Vice President of the name of my proxy and constituency by 5:00 on the day of the meeting I will miss. I also understand that if I do not send a proxy, I could be subject to disciplinary action.
I am aware that there is a Senate Proxy List that I can look at to help me find a proxy. However, I also understand that if there is no one that can represent my constituency on said list, I will still be responsible for finding one. ?
(Please note: Every senate executive has access to this list. Contact them to see if anyone on the list is available to represent you.)
I am aware that I must present at least one bill of legislation per semester. I understand that if I do not fulfill this obligation, I will be dismissed. (Please note: If you present a bill and it fails, this requirement will still be met.)
I am aware that I must fulfill my Student Services Committee obligation or the equivalent requirement that is explained to me by the Vice President of the Student Body.
I understand that an interview is a part of the application process for Student Senate. You will be contacted to schedule an interview for the seat. Any questions? Email

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