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Not a Tennessee student, faculty, or staff? Sign our change.org petition
Not a Tennessee student, faculty, or staff? Sign our change.org petition
Petition to support the current student fee allocation process
Petition to support the current student fee allocation process
Not a Tennessee student? sign the change.org petition
Petition to support the current student fee allocation process
Current legislation:   SB1608, SB2493
Sponsors:  UTK SGA Government Affairs
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Total Signatures:  3659
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Update: On Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, Senator Stacey Campfield announced that he is moving both SB2493 and SB1608 to general sub meaning no attempt at passing the legislation will be made. This follows a letter sent by UT President Joe DiPietro. You can read more about this at Knoxnews.com. We'll keep you updated on any new developments.

Be It Hereby Resolved, that I, a concerned citizen:

  1. Find that no compelling governmental interest exists to permit state interference with the current student control of the distribution of student paid fees, and

  2. Find that, because funds are and have been distributed in a viewpoint neutral manner, I feel that the university is well within its rights to require all students to continue to pay the student activity fee, and

  3. Oppose the 108th Tennessee General Assembly's Senate Bill 1608, 2493 and any other legislative act that would reduce or interfere with the student body's existing ability to self-allocate funds for student activities or that would otherwise interfere with the ability of all students and their student organizations to exercise their United States and Tennessee constitutional rights of free speech and free association.

Total Signatures: 3659

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