FC Executive Committee

Four members of Freshmen Council are elected by their peers to serve as their Executive (Steering) Committee. The membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Parliamentarian.

As a committee, they shall act for the Council when there is not time for a regular or special meeting to establish a Freshmen Council policy or position and report such actions back to the Council;  help formulate, set, and enact Council policy; discuss and seek out subjects deemed appropriate for future consideration at Council meetings; and perform any additional duties, subject to the SGA Constitution, its amendments, and these Bylaws. The committee, along with their advisors, shall conduct an executive meeting prior to their general body meeting at an appropriately scheduled time.

Members of 2013-2014 Executive Committee of Freshmen Council:

Chairperson, Samuel Still

Vice-Chairperson, Jacob Travis

Secretary, Caitlyn Boone

Parliamentarian, Jennings Hardee

Samuel Still, Freshmen Council Chair

Holly Rogers, Social and Morale Committee Chair

Caitlin Boone, Freshmen Council Secretary

Keith McGee II, Public Relations Committee Chair

Jacob Travis, Freshmen Council Vice Chair

Jake Cronin, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Emily Kounlavong, Philanthropy Committee Chair

Jennings Hardee, Freshmen Council Parliamentarian

Brandon Lowe, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

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