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Administrative Committees


Madison Harmon
Chief of Staff

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DSC_5673Administrative and planning committees are a vital part of the University of Tennessee campus community. Ideas are formulated and decisions are made in these groups that affect faculty, staff and students. Student members play a significant role on these committees, as they ensure the needs and opinions of the student body are conveyed and included in discussions and planning. These committees meet at various times throughout the week on a monthly, bi-monthly or semester basis. Additionally, students appointed will be required to attend a monthly meeting with the SGA Chief of Staff.


Below are the various administrative committees and their descriptions:

  • Advisory Committee on Student Organizations

    • This committee reviews the applications of students seeking to officially establish organizations on campus. Members of the committee review the constitutions of said organizations and approve or deny requests for establishment.
  • Campus Beautification Committee

    • This committee advises on ways in which to beautify the campus of The University of Tennessee. Members discuss issues and projects surrounding UT’s 25-year campus beautification project.
  • Commission for Blacks

    • This committee advises on planning, implementation, and evaluation of university programs, policies, and services as they relate to black students, faculty, and staff.
  • Committee on the Campus Environment (CCE)

    • This committee advises sustainability practices on campus, as well as giving out the environmental leadership awards.
  • Council for Diversity and Interculturalism

    • This committee advises the campus administration on creating and sustaining a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive campus climate to all groups.
  • Dining Services Advisory Committee

    • This committee meets with faculty and Aramark representatives to discuss issues and implement improvements to campus dining services.
  • Faculty Senate

    • The Faculty Senate is comprised of several committees that deal with various and important aspects of the University. Below are the ones students may be appointed to:
      • Faculty Senate Athletics Committee –  This committee meets with the University of Tennessee Athletics Department to enhance student experiences with various sports programs.
      • Faculty Senate Library and Information Technology Committee – This committee meets with faculty and administrators to discuss improvements that can be made to current technology on campus available to students.
      • Faculty Senate Undergraduate Council – This committee meets to discuss and potentially make improvements to the undergraduate student catalog.
    • Residency Classification Committee

      • This committee meets to discuss cases of in-state or out-of-state tuition with students.
    • Student Environmental Initiatives Committee

      • This committee meets to administer the Student Green Fee. These funds enable UT Knoxville to accelerate projects and practices that make campus more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    • Student Life Council

      • This committee acts as the hearing board for students who have left the University and are applying to return.
    • Student Media Board

      • This committee develops policies and selects the editors for the University of Tennessee student media which receive an annual allocation to subsidize basic operational expenses from the University Programs and Services Fee.
    • Task Force in Support of Student Veterans

      • This committee meets to address issues and needs of student veterans.
    • Technology Advisory Board

      • This committee advises the Office of Information Technology on implementation and expenditure of the Student Technology Fee.
    • Traffic and Parking Authority

      • This committee meets to discuss parking regulations, potential increases, or possible issues that may arise surrounding parking and transit.
    • University Calendar Committee

      • This committee meets with faculty to analyze the academic calendar and make improvements for future calendars.


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